How to Fingerprint Web Application Framework – Penetration Testing Guide

Web Application Framework Fingerprinting

How to Fingerprint Web Application Framework : Web Application Framework Fingerprinting is one of the most important task information gathering. Knowing the type of framework a web application is using will give a great advantage to hacker or penetration tester.  Because once we know framework, we can easily locate known vulnerabilities in that framework. Most of the web frameworks are widely used by popular websites across the globe which help an attacker to spot them. This is basically what all automatic tools do, they look for frameworks used from a predefined location and then compare it to the database of known signatures. Note : This penetrating testing tutorial is also useful for CMS(Content Management Systems) along with WAF(Web Application Frameworks). Since we are focused on …

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CEH Practice Test 3 – Ethical Hacking Fundamentals Level 1

CEH Practice Test or Quiz

Hackingloops offers CEH Practice Test 3 on Ethical Hacking Fundamentals. Previous CEH Practice Quiz that we shared was LEVEL 0 i.e. Very Easy Level. This CEH Quiz is of Level 1 i.e. Easy/Average Difficulty. This will help you to enhance your knowledge and skills for preparation of CEH Certification Test. Please provide correct details if you wish to receive evaluation and correct answers, along with complete analysis. Hope this will enhance your knowledge and will help you in your preparations of CEH Exam. In CEH Practice Test 3, we will test your Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking. So Enjoy your Quiz!! CEH Practice Quiz 3 :

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How to charge Android Smartphone faster

How to charge your Android Smartphone faster

Does your phone takes 2 to 3 hours to completely charge? If yes then you must read how to charge android smartphone faster. After reading this tutorial you will be able to charge your phone in less than half of time than it usually takes. In our previous articles we have shared details about how to increase android battery life. Today i will share some smart android tips and tricks to charge your phone to full in approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and upto 50 % in 20-30 minutes without having an Qualcom quick charge technology. So lets learn how to quickly charge any android smartphone.. Steps to Quickly Charge Any Android Mobile Phone : Use USB 3.0 port to charge Android Smartphone : Most …

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CEH Practice Test – 2 Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Born Ethical Hackers CLub

Hackingloops presents another CEH Practice test but it also will be helpfull for Security+  and CISSP aspirants for practice. This CEH practice test is concentrated on Introduction to Ethical Hacking and basic overview to hacking. Take the CEH practice Quiz to test your progress for CEH certification test. Hope this will be helpful. Level of this CEH Test is Very Easy. Best of Luck for your CEH Practice Test – 2 Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Basic Overview of Hacking.

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