How to Protect Facebook accounts from Hackers


Protect Facebook accounts from hackers Guide by Hackingloops : Most of our users have asked us about that how to protect Facebook accounts from Hackers. Facebook is most used Social Networking platform and its always on target for hackers. But on the same side, Facebook’s internal security is good enough that 90% of hack attempts don’t succeed. Facebook itself continuously working on security and new techniques to protect Facebook accounts from Hackers.  But there are some scenarios which Facebook cannot protect Facebook accounts because these require user’s awareness in order to protect Facebook accounts.  Facebook cannot prevent your account from Social Engineering attacks, honey traps and freebie luring as all these things require user awareness. Today we will discuss all techniques or traps which hackers …

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CEH Practice Test 4 – Ethical Hacking Fundamentals Level 2

CEH Practice Test or Quiz

Hackingloops offers CEH Practice Test 4 on Ethical Hacking Fundamentals Quiz Level 2. This CEH Practice Quiz is of Level 2 difficulty. This will help you to enhance your knowledge and skills for preparation of CEH Certification Test. Please provide correct details if you wish to receive evaluation and correct answers, along with complete analysis. Hope this will enhance your knowledge and will help you in your preparations of CEH Exam. In CEH Practice Test 4, we will test your Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking. So Enjoy your Quiz!! CEH Practice Quiz 4 :

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How to perform Penetration testing of MySQL Database

Penetration testing of MySQL database

In our previous tutorial we learned to fingerprint web application framework, today we will learn how to perform Penetration testing of MySQL database. As we are aware that most websites use MySQL database as their core database. It is necessary for every webmaster to perform basic penetration testing of MySQL database in order to prevent his website from getting hacked by some malicious hacker. So friends, lets begin our penetration testing tutorial of MySQL database. This guide will be helpful for Hackproofing MySQL database. Penetration testing of MySQL Database – Webmasters Guide : MySQL is an open source database but its regularly gets updates and new functionalities are introduced as part of every new version. But these new functionalities are also responsible for opening gates …

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How to Fingerprint Web Application Framework – Penetration Testing Guide

Web Application Framework Fingerprinting

How to Fingerprint Web Application Framework : Web Application Framework Fingerprinting is one of the most important task information gathering. Knowing the type of framework a web application is using will give a great advantage to hacker or penetration tester.  Because once we know framework, we can easily locate known vulnerabilities in that framework. Most of the web frameworks are widely used by popular websites across the globe which help an attacker to spot them. This is basically what all automatic tools do, they look for frameworks used from a predefined location and then compare it to the database of known signatures. Note : This penetrating testing tutorial is also useful for CMS(Content Management Systems) along with WAF(Web Application Frameworks). Since we are focused on …

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