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Hacking Online Slot Machines at Casinos – Hackslots Review

April 17, 2015   By Lokesh Singh 289 views Leave a comment
Hacking Online Casino Games using casino Hacking software kit

advertising Its been a long time when we have reviewed any Hacking Product online. Today we will be reviewing Hackslots Hacking software which they are promoting as it can help you to win 500-1000 Euros per day with almost zero effort. There are lot of Hacking programs available which promises that they can hack slot

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Penetration Testing – What is Penetration Testing or Pen testing

January 18, 2015   By Lokesh Singh 626 views 2 Comments
Penetration Testing - What is Penetration Testing

Penetration testing or Pen testing ( or Pen-testing) is an technique to evaluate and examine the security of an  IT infrastructure system usually web or network based. It involves simulation of hack attack environment to assess the vulnerabilities in the system.  Once an hack environment is set up, now security researchers attempt to exploit security

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Union Exploitation Technique to Exploit SQL Injection Vulnerability | Injection attacks – Part 8

January 7, 2015   By Lokesh Singh 362 views 3 Comments
SQL Injection using Untrusted Data

SQL Injection flaw is quite easiest to exploit and protect too but only when you know how to do it. In continuation to our Injection attacks tutorial series, today we will learn about Union Exploitation Technique to exploit SQL Injection Vulnerability. Union exploitation technique is most common and easiest way to exploit SQL injection vulnerability

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