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Creating a custom worldlist using crunch on Kali Linux

How to create custom wordlist using Crunch on Kali Linux

Welcome friends!! Today we will learn creating a custom wordlist using Crunch on Kali Linux which hackers use for Brute force attacks. Custom wordlist is very important in order to execute successful brute force attacks. We can add all our information gathering information in our wordlist or whatsoever information we have with us. So lets get started.. How to Create Custom wordlist using Crunch on Kali Linux : Step 1: Start your Kali Linux and open the terminal and type crunch, to check if the crunch is installed or not and it also displays the current version of Crunch. Step 2: Now to view the manual of crunch and options available on crunch you can use the command man crunch Step 3: The basic syntax for …

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10 ways to secure your online accounts and Computer

10 ways to secure online accounts and Computer

10 ways or tips to secure your online accounts and Computer – As there is a increasing number of online transactions and also use of social networking sites, hackers tend to get all the credentials of bank accounts or any other confidential info, so here are the tips which can help a user secure against unauthorized access from hackers. Here it goes, 10 ways to secure your online accounts and Computer :- Removal of the pre-installed apps: The pre-installed apps and software really seem to be very dangerous. Most of the times it is just a bloatware, unless user really has some use of all these apps, hence getting rid of this definitely safeguards the computer against any security threat. Further it is better to …

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How to Create Evil Twin Access Point ?


How to create Evil twin access point? But first of all what is Evil twin access point?? An evil twin, in security, is a rogue wireless access point that masquerades as a Wi-Fi access point so that an attacker can gather personal information without the user’s knowledge. Simply you can call it as Phishing attack on Wifi Routers :P. To the user, the evil twin looks like a hotspot with a strong signal; that’s because the attacker has not only used the same network name and settings as the “good twin” he is impersonating, he has also physically positioned himself near the end-user so that his signal is likely to be the strongest within range. If the end-user is tempted by the strong signal and connects manually to …

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