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Unlock Hidden Features of Windows 10 God Mode


Windows 10 God Mode Unlock Hidden Features of Windows 10 : GOD MODE GOD MODE : God Mode is a inbuilt tool that allows the complete customisation and modification of the Windows operating system . One can think of the Windows 10 God Mode as the more powerful and feature enriched form of Control panel . God Mode provides extreme customization of the Features and Appearance of Windows operating system . God Mode is also refereed to as the ” Windows Master control Panel ”  is hidden from the normal users . Here are the Quick steps you need to take in order to enable GOD MODE in Windows 10     Create a new folder on Windows desktop .     Name the folder : …

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Bypass Android 5.x Lock Screen Steps


Bypass Android 5.x Lock Screen Step by Step This post gives a Step by step Approach to Bypass Android 5.x Lock Screen . A Security researcher and hacker, named John Gordon, has found an easy way to bypass the security of locked smartphones running Android 5.0 and 5.1 (Build LMY48M). The Hacker to the bypassing lock screen vulnerability as the ” MAGIC TRICK “ . The hack simply allows to crash the user interface (UI) of the Lock Screen and allows the hacker to gain access to your Android Device . Most of us use the Lock screens with a variety of lock mechanisms such as Pattern, Numeric Pin or even a Password . This Hack will Allow you to Bypass the Lock Screen , …

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BAD USB Attack : Hacking by Just USB


BAD USB Attack : Turn the USB into Hack Tool BAD USB Attack executes the malware without any interaction of the Victim (opening the USB or double click on any file not required) . USB these days have become the prime source of Data transfer . The USB devices are very Ubiquitous , and have been used by everyone . The Bad USB is an attack where the USB infects the machine without the user even noticing . This attack makes it possible to infect machines with malware and easily spread the malware , and that to undetectable by the user as there is no interaction of user required . This attack requires the hacker to reprogram the controller chip in the USB peripherals . Very …

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