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HACK ANY PC Gurantedly …. My best ever Post

This is my own upload for YOU GUYS(So dont worry,,I tried this,,and i saw victims webcam,,desktop activity,,and all features in turkojan worked for me).

Turkojan is a great RAT.I m giving your the GOLD version of Turkojan..
Im giving you the full control mode enabled version.(The Private Version).Please read all the things i say here,,else it would be difficult.


* Reverse Connection
* Remote Desktop(very fast)
* Webcam Streaming(very fast)
* Audio Streaming
* Thumbnail viewer
* Remote passwords
* MSN Sniffer
* Remote Shell
* Web-Site Blocking
* Chat with server
* Send fake messages
* Advanced file manager
* Zipping files&folders
* Find files
* Change remote screen resolution
* Mouse manager
* Information about remote computer
* Clipboard manager
* IE options
* Running Process
* Service Manager
* Keyboard Manager
* Online keylogger
* Offline keylogger
* Fun Menu
* Registry manager
* Invisible in Searching Files/Regedit/Msconfig
* Small Server (100kb)


* All things you need to know can be found here http://www.turkojan.com/eng/dokumanlar.htm

* Go there and see No-IP tutorial,,You have to get a static IP,,thats why you go there and create a static IP..It will be looks like xxxxxx.no-ip.biz or something like that.you have to put it in server editor in turkojan client

* If you created a No-IP account,,You dont need to go to Dyndns.com.You just need one of them.

* If you dont know about port forwarding 4 your router,Go to
http://www.portforward.com/english/r…outerindex.htm and look bottom foryour router name and click it.Then in the page you came by clicking your router name go to bottom of page you will see a list of games and apps.Just look for turkojan.And then click it you will have a complete tutorial on port forwarding for your router for turkojan

* If you need more information dnt bother,,Just search it in google.. IF you cant find what you need ask me,or ask a senior member.(hehhe also i dnt know much,,but i will try my best coz this worked for me)

**If you dont know how to use turkojan see “Turkojan Usage” in

**If you dont know how to create a No-IP accout go here
Pleasecreate only a No-IP account.No need of DynDns


About Lokesh Singh

Hello Friends, i am Lokesh Singh, certified Ethical hacker ( CEH, SSA, CSIF , CISSP). Have 8+ years of extensive experience in Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security and Penetration Testing domain.


  1. lokesh explain clearly about port forwarding..

  2. This seems to be pretty awesome stuff, gonna check out this with my brother =3 thx for another very awesome post

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