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Facebook Text Tools by HackingLoops

HackingLoops proudly presents 3 new Facebook tools which will make you to create decorative texts and then use them on Facebook, Google Plus, twitter or any other social networking website.
Everyday we go to Facebook and observes that some friends are using decorative texts as their update message but you are not able to use the same because you don’t know who to create decorative texts on Facebook or twitter…
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Facebook Tools By HackingLoops
Don’t worry from now onwards, as i have created the same for you… And i am also making few new ones too..so just keep a watch..
3 New Facebook Decorative Text Tools:
1. Strike Text: 
Its a common function of HTML but Facebook and other social networking websites uses text boxes and strike function doesn’t work in text boxes. I have coded it using Unicode strings.
Sample text: I Love HackingLoops
Test the Strike Text Tool Now: STRIKE IT
2. Flip Up Side Down Reverse It Tool
:P Name is looking very confusing… But this tool does everything above mentioned. Using this tool you can create reverse text, write backwards, Flip the texts, Flip the single words and so on…
Sample: I Evol SpooLgnikcah ( and much more..)
Test the Flip Up Side Down Reverse It Tool Now: FLIP REVERSE
3. Flipping Smart Text Tool
This tool is just similar to tool above one but in this flipping criteria is little different. Try it you will enjoy it..
Sample: sdooןbuıʞɔɐɥ ǝʌoן ı
Test Flipping Text Tool Now: FLIPPING TEXT
Test them now friends…and provide your response…
If you like them dont forget to comment…
If you have any suggestions please post in comments, i will try to work on them…

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