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How to trace an Email Sender in Gmail

How to trace an Email Sender in Gmail : Today i am going to teach you how to trace an email received in Gmail. Using this hack you can trace the source from which you have received the email. Hackers do a lot of stuff to hack into your email account so you should always be aware of such things like how to check the authenticity of the email that it has arrived from genuine user or its a fake email.

There are two ways to check the authenticity of the email address:

1. Open the Email and Click on Show details.

2. For more deeper look Click on the triangle and then select show original.

Great, but i know 99% of you guys already know these but never tried to trace or somebody have tried but never got success. What is the reason behind that? Yup i know the reason.. All previous tricks to trace an email in Gmail are incomplete so you never received success in doing that. As i always focus on manual things as tools are for noobs and script kiddes. So guys lets learn how to trace email address manually.


How to Trace Email received in Gmail:

1. Basic Method(if sent through some website)

This method is applicable for tracing the email that is sent through the anonymous email or email forging websites. I have already explained earlier about email forging and how to send anonymous emails.


What is the main motive behind the fake emails, Have you guys ever tried to understand. If no, then here is three four basic things why Fake emails or anonymous emails are sent.

1. For Phishing purposes: Fake page links that are used to hack your email account.

2. For Spreading Botnets: Fake emails with attachments(.php,.jpg,.bmp etc) contains bots means self spreading Trojans that steals your email contacts and email that to hackers.

3. For Stealing your personal information or to cheat you.(mails like you won 10000000$ please send us your details to claim).

4. For promoting or virul a product. Most sellers use this trick to promote their companies products online on the name of email marketing but thats all fake they are in need of customers who can buy them and some already has bots attached in them to the mail has been automatically sent to all emails that are in your friend list.


Steps to trace Email received in Gmail (very basic method):

1. Login into your Gmail account.

2. Open the email whose sender details you want to see.

3. Click on Show details.

4 That’s all it will show you all basic information about the email. Below snapshot will explain you better.

Trace an email header trick
Trace an email header trick

2. Advanced Method to trace an email sender:

The above trick hardly helps you to trace the email address. Now let’s discuss advanced way to trace email.

Have you guys ever tried to under how emails are sent and received. Ahhahah Computer geeks you might have read in books about How email works that how its sent and how its received. If yes, then you surely haven’t implemented that in practical life.

Emails are basically received in form of HTML headers. HTML headers consist of several things like Message delivered to or from, Subject, Received to or from, Date, Mime version,Content Type, X-mailer client etc.

How to trace email sender Advanced trick:

1. Go to the email and open it.

2. Now click on the triangle at top right end corner of the email screen as shown below and select show original email.

Trace an email im Gmail hack
Trace an email im Gmail hack

3. Now you will see something like this:

Trace an email im Gmail hack Ip
Trace an email im Gmail hack Ip

Now See the second received: from SecretMythPC [] . Its the source IP address ( IP address of system) from which email has been sent.

Now open Any IP address tracing website: Example i opened
Now Trace the IP addess to get his details and location of the sender. You will see something like this in the output:

IPaddress details
IPaddress details

That’s all friends, hope you all have loved it. This is the method how cyber police detects cyber criminals and reach their destinations.

If you have any queries ask me in form of comments.

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  3. I have an email that I need tracked back to its source. I know this may sound crazy, but it is likely from the Bill Cosby camp. Hope you are aware of that scandel.
    I am an activist who got involved in protesting his last show. The email I recently received is a not so subtle threat. I have already received a threatening letter from his lawyer and harassing calls. I can provide copies as well as a news story quoting me and attorney Gloria Allred to confirm I am real and not a flake.

    I can send you the header information. I sent it to a forensic data firm, but they want to charge me a LOT of money to handle this. I live on a small, fixed income and cannot compete with a man worth almost 1/2 a billion dollars, but I don’t like bullies and would like to fight back to the extent I can.

    Can you help me? It’s a gmail address, but looks like it was routed through Amsterdam and China (!) based on a free initial analysis from the forensic firm.

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